One to One Mentoring

The majority of my work is undertaken through group sessions either online or in person but this may not be right for you. I also work with a small number of clients on a one to one basis which may suit you better.

I offer VIP days and regular mentoring and am happy to tailor a specific package around your needs.


If you are really focussed and ready to implement the changes necessary to transform your business and life a VIP day will be perfect for you.  This can either be a full or half day. You will leave inspired and with an action plan that you can implement immediately.  

Regular Mentoring Sessions

If you want to take things slower regular mentoring sessions on a fortnightly or monthly basis will be right for you.  You will be encouraged, guided and kept accountable for the changes you want to make.

Business Transformation

Do you have a yearning to take your business to a new level, dramatically increase your business income, or are ready to transform the overwhelm into natural day to day ease? 

Are you ready to remove money blocks, create a new empowering story and charge what you are worth?

Would you like to attract your ideal clients and make more money in your business?

If you are keen to get started and want to do this alone rather than through our six month program book a discovery call to discuss your options. 

Personal Finances

Do you feel you are in control of your money?  Are you always running out of money before the end of the month?  Do you wonder where it goes?

If you would like to take control of your personal finances book a discovery call.  I offer various packages to help individuals remove their fear around money and to become confident about their personal finances. 


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