I am Nicola and my career as a Chartered Accountant started over thirty years ago because I loved numbers. Not because of the numbers themselves but the stories they tell.  We can change that story by changing our numbers.

As a business mentor and money mindset coach I help women change their story so their businesses are financially successful.    

Financial success is only part of the story.  As a working mother and a partner in an accountancy practice I suffered from overwhelm and burnout.  Ensuring that my clients don't do the same is central to my work. 

I believe that the purpose of our businesses is to enable us to lead the lives we want to live.  However so often our businesses take over our lives. We lose sight of why we set them up in the first place and our relationships can suffer.  

Alongside my work as a mentor I own an accountancy business called Envision Partnership. I therefore understand the pressures that we as business woman face on a day to day basis with our work and other responsibilities, and how easy it is not to take care of ourselves. It is a challenge and an ongoing issue for highly driven and successful women.  When we understand this and recognise the affects this has on us personally, we can develop strategies and support we can draw on to alleviate the pressures.


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