​Anneliese Wells - Birchwood Yoga

The 'Accelerate' business course has been outstanding. I was lacking confidence in my ability to improve on my yoga business. Nicola facilitated a course that teased information and thought out of me in such a way that I was able to see a clear path; not just for the immediate future but also a plan of action as my business grows.

What I loved about the course was that I gained confidence week by week because I learned to make better use of my time so that instead of procrastinating on the next step,

I had a strategy in place to forge the way.The most useful week was module 4 in which we looked at Changing the Numbers. Nicola gave me ideas I would never have thought of and I had a clear plan of action to spread the word about Birchwood Yoga. The ramifications of this were that I met lots of new and interesting people, came up with ideas as to how to promote my business and implemented them.

I have gone from strength to strength with Nicola’s help. She has shown me that I can run a successful business and one that earns me the salary I desire without causing too much stress or angst.

I thoroughly recommend Nicola’s course to any woman needing clarity, foresight and confidence to build their business into a thriving concern whilst managing the rest of their life with ease.



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